Taaj is my 3rd kiddo. His birth inspired the birth of my business. But no birth is without its difficulties, am I right? (#momtruth)…

So, there I was, 3 kids under 5, and after maternity leave I returned to work at my corporate job in the tech world. It’s never easy to leave your brand new baby at home but Taaj made it agony by not taking a bottle. All day long he wouldn’t eat. All day at work I would cry. What could I do? All I could think was “How do I get out of this?”

Clearly the long workdays weren’t working. Taaj couldn’t go on like this, nor could I. It wasn’t an easy decision but I had to quit. However, I knew that my creativity and passion needed an outlet. Since my first child, Nivaaz, was born I had been taking photos. My friends loved my images and they had told their friends. Could this be my true calling?

It wasn’t the perfect time, but it was the right time. I left the corporate world and that’s when I officially began Taaj Photography, in honor of my baby boy who was telling me in his own special way that it was time.

And every day I feel so grateful that I listened to Taaj.

The story behind the name